Our Main Practices

Manufacture of metal precision component

Creating metal precision components involves meticulous design, advanced machining, and quality checks at every stage. Engineers craft detailed plans, and high-tech machining techniques shape raw metal with precision. Additional treatments may be applied for strength or aesthetics. Rigorous inspections guarantee the final product meets strict standards for accuracy and durability.

Assembly and Testing of component

Component assembly involves meticulously piecing together parts according to specifications, using specialized tools for precision. Rigorous testing follows to ensure functionality, durability, and performance meet required standards. This meticulous process guarantees the reliability and quality of the final product.

Repairing computer component

Other Services

  • Plastic bending
  • Induction brazing
  • Plastic machining

Specialise in:

  • High mix: low volume - many drawing low quantity
  • Low mix: high volume